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Facial Dust Mask

Facial Dust is a uniquely designed product for healty skin, as individual to each collaborator who is empowered beauty personified.

Is our process vegan or is it natural, only you can decide …. Its all about YOUR selections. It’s the first face mask product of its kind! You have all the power, choose wisely.

How to create your eco beauty product –
0) Start by using the form above :-)
1) select 1 primary foaming base
2) select 4 secondary powders
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– If you want Antiageing we have powders to assist.
– Our ingredients will assist you to rejuvenate, moisturise and or plump your skin.
– if you want green beauty (Infinite Choice promises we only ever choose our powders in this order wild harvest, Organic, Natural)

Sam and Kim have tested this product to United Kingdom – European regulations and then avoided ingredients that have scientific papers highlighting further health issues that may affect our customers in the future.

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Base Powder Information

Facial Dust Base Powder Facial Dust Base Powder

Ingredient powders

Organic Colloidal Oats Organic Colloidal Oats

– High in zinc, reduces inflammation and kills acne causing bacteria – Soaks up excess oil – Natural chemical compounds called Saponins which naturally clear blackheads – Saponins have exfoliating properties – High in antioxidants (clears free radicals) – Natural moisturiser and emollient

Natural Bentonite Clay Natural Bentonite Clay

– Draws toxins and impurities from the skin – Deep Skin and pore cleansing – Helps prevent overproduction of sebum (prevents clogged pores)

Organic Marshmallow Root powder Organic Marshmallow Root powder

– High mucilage moisturisation – Softens skin – Anti-bacterial – Anti-inflammatory (primary benefit)

Natural Pumice powder Natural Pumice powder

– Super fine exfoliant – Clears acne – Boosts blood flow to the face

Organic Seaweed Powder Organic Seaweed Powder

– Rich in B vitamins – Anti-inflammatory – Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Enzymes creates a highly anti-oxidising and hydrating ingredient – Helps skin hormone imbalances – Skin cell regeneration – Deep skin hydration

Organic Aloe Vera Powder Organic Aloe Vera Powder

– High in Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Amino acids – Deep skin hydration due to Glycosaminoglycans – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles – 200 times the concentration of Aloe Vera – Polysaccharides (a carbohydrate; sugar) cause skin cell regeneration – Emollient (softens and sooths skin)

Organic Avocado Powder Organic Avocado Powder

– High in Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Amino acids – Deep skin hydration due to Glycosaminoglycans – Reduces lines and wrinkles – Contains vitamin A, D and E – Antioxidant

Organic Calendula powder Organic Calendula powder

– Antioxidant – Skin softening properties – Stimulates collagen production

Natural Gassoul Clay Natural Gassoul Clay

– Anti-Inflammatory – Anti-Bacterial – Skin cell regeneration – High vitamin E, Vitamin B2 – Boosts collagen production – Skin hydration

Organic Rose Hip powder Organic Rose Hip powder

– Antioxidant – Skin softening properties – Stimulates collagen production

Organic Cranberry Powder Organic Cranberry Powder

– Contains vitamin C, E and K – Reduce fine lines and wrinkles – Boosts collagen production

Organic Hibiscus powder Organic Hibiscus powder

– Speeds up skin cell turnover – Maintains elastin within the skin – High vitamin C content – Boosts collagen production – Anti-inflammatory – Natural moisturiser due to high mucilage

Organic Cocoa powder Organic Cocoa powder

– Antioxidant – Anti-inflammatory – Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese – Stimulate blood circulation – Maintains elasticity

Natural Green clay Natural Green clay

– Absorbent properties (absorbs oils and clears pores) – Reduces inflammation – Tightens pores – Stimulates circulation

Kelp Powder Kelp Powder

– Hydrates skin – Retains moisture within the skin – High iodine content fights dry and flaky skin – Anti-inflammatory – Rich in minerals and antioxidants

Organic Spirulina Organic Spirulina

– High in antioxidants – Chlorophyll cleansing properties – Contains Vitamins A, E and K – Anti-inflammatory – Supports collagen production