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Cleansing Dust mask

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Exfoliate Dust Base Powder Exfoliate Dust Base Powder

Base Powder

Organic Colloidal Oats Organic Colloidal Oats

– High in zinc, reduces inflammation and kills acne causing bacteria – Soaks up excess oil – Natural chemical compounds called Saponins which naturally clear blackheads – Saponins have exfoliating properties – High in antioxidants (clears free radicals) – Natural moisturiser and emollient

Organic Purple Corn Flour Organic Purple Corn Flour

– Anti-inflammatory                      – Boosts collagen production – Detoxifies the skin – Removes dead skin cells and softens skin

Organic Bamboo powder Organic Bamboo powder

– Clears dead skin cells – Smooths skin – High in natural silica (strengthens and tightens skin) – High in antioxidants

Natural Benite Clay Natural Benite Clay

– Draws toxins and impurities from the skin – Deep Skin and pore cleansing – Helps prevent overproduction of sebum (prevents clogged pores)

Natural Pumice powder Natural Pumice powder

– Super fine exfoliant – Clears acne – Boosts blood flow to the face

Natural Charcoal Powder Natural Charcoal Powder

– Exfoliant – Deep pore cleaning – Reduces acne – Skin detoxifying properties – Gentle exfoliation – Draws out toxins

Organic Marshmallow Root powder Organic Marshmallow Root powder

– High mucilage moisturisation – Softens skin – Anti-bacterial – Anti-inflammatory (primary benefit)

White Sandalwood powder White Sandalwood powder

– Anti-inflammatory – Clears black heads – Moisturises skin – Exfoliates the skin

Organic Papaya Powder Organic Papaya Powder

Contains vitamin A, B1, B2, D, E and Beta-carotene. Rich in minerals. Nourishing and moisturising properties. Anti-microbial, Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.