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Facial Dust mask

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Facial Dust Mask

The better condition your skin is in, the more amazing your makeup looks and wears throughout the day.

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Facial Dust Base Powder Facial Dust Base Powder

Ingredient powders

Organic Colloidal Oats Organic Colloidal Oats

– High in zinc, reduces inflammation and kills acne causing bacteria – Soaks up excess oil – Natural chemical compounds called Saponins which naturally clear blackheads – Saponins have exfoliating properties – High in antioxidants (clears free radicals) – Natural moisturiser and emollient

Natural Bentonite Clay Natural Bentonite Clay

– Draws toxins and impurities from the skin – Deep Skin and pore cleansing – Helps prevent overproduction of sebum (prevents clogged pores)

Organic Marshmallow Root powder Organic Marshmallow Root powder

– High mucilage moisturisation – Softens skin – Anti-bacterial – Anti-inflammatory (primary benefit)

Natural Pumice powder Natural Pumice powder

– Super fine exfoliant – Clears acne – Boosts blood flow to the face

Organic Seaweed Powder Organic Seaweed Powder

– Rich in B vitamins – Anti-inflammatory – Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Enzymes creates a highly anti-oxidising and hydrating ingredient – Helps skin hormone imbalances – Skin cell regeneration – Deep skin hydration

Organic Aloe Vera Powder Organic Aloe Vera Powder

– High in Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Amino acids – Deep skin hydration due to Glycosaminoglycans – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles – 200 times the concentration of Aloe Vera – Polysaccharides (a carbohydrate; sugar) cause skin cell regeneration – Emollient (softens and sooths skin)

Organic Avocado Powder Organic Avocado Powder

– High in Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Amino acids – Deep skin hydration due to Glycosaminoglycans – Reduces lines and wrinkles – Contains vitamin A, D and E – Antioxidant

Organic Calendula powder Organic Calendula powder

– Antioxidant – Skin softening properties – Stimulates collagen production

Natural Gassoul Clay Natural Gassoul Clay

– Anti-Inflammatory – Anti-Bacterial – Skin cell regeneration – High vitamin E, Vitamin B2 – Boosts collagen production – Skin hydration

Organic Rose Hip powder Organic Rose Hip powder

– Antioxidant – Skin softening properties – Stimulates collagen production

Organic Cranberry Powder Organic Cranberry Powder

– Contains vitamin C, E and K – Reduce fine lines and wrinkles – Boosts collagen production

Organic Hibiscus powder Organic Hibiscus powder

– Speeds up skin cell turnover – Maintains elastin within the skin – High vitamin C content – Boosts collagen production – Anti-inflammatory – Natural moisturiser due to high mucilage

Organic Cocoa powder Organic Cocoa powder

– Antioxidant – Anti-inflammatory – Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese – Stimulate blood circulation – Maintains elasticity

Natural Green clay Natural Green clay

– Absorbent properties (absorbs oils and clears pores) – Reduces inflammation – Tightens pores – Stimulates circulation

Kelp Powder Kelp Powder

– Hydrates skin – Retains moisture within the skin – High iodine content fights dry and flaky skin – Anti-inflammatory – Rich in minerals and antioxidants

Organic Spirulina Organic Spirulina

– High in antioxidants – Chlorophyll cleansing properties – Contains Vitamins A, E and K – Anti-inflammatory – Supports collagen production