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Broccoli Seed Oil

Broccoli Seed Oil :

With a uniquely rich content of Erucic and Gondoic acid, imitating the composition of your Skins Sebum while having an Organic based Silicon imitation with none of the limits or potential irritants. Both improving Broccoli seeds skin absorption while soothing and plumping your skin giving you a fresh youthful look!

Containing  Sulforaphane, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) and a 10% concentration of Alpha Linolenic Acid which all work with Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant and Cellular rejuvenating benefits for your skin. Broccoli seed is usually added to facial oils to increase the entire products absorbency.  

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Detailed benefits of Broccoli Seed Oil see below:

INCI name: Brassica Oleracea

Extraction method: Cold Pressed

Origin: India

Standards: Organic, Vegan, GMO free, Unfiltered

Comedogenic level: 1

Absorption Rate: 2 (Fast)

Best for Skin Types: Combination, Oily, Acne prone skin

Best for Skin Conditions: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis

Acidic Profile:

Omega 9: Erucic acid

Concentration up to 60%

With a similar composition to Dimethicone, which is usually used in chemically produced creams that with Dimethicone content improves its silky texture and absorption! Its consequence is for its known issue clogging pores. Luckily Erucic acid doesn’t have the issue of being a synthetic silicon or a risk of clogging pores! With skin plumping benefits like Silicon and an increased product smoothness due to its similar composition to Dimethicone, Erucic acid is a very interesting and beneficial oil for your skin!

Omega 9: Oleic acid

Concentration up to 18%

A Monosaturated fatty acid (better known as Omega 9). Loved for its deep skin absorption into the Dermis, due to be a heavier oil it is incredibly powerful for oil-based Hydration, making the oil it is concentrated in have the benefits to improve dry and mature skin tones from softening to plumping the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

While it’s always good to have a combination of Oleic and Linoleic acid-based oils the usual rule is high Linoleic oils for Oily skin and high Oleic acid for dry skin.

Alpha linolenic acid

Concentration up to 10%

A polyunsaturated fatty acid (Better known as Omega 3). An organic compound produced by the Mitochondria within our body’s cells. The amount produced is minimal so the majority of ALA we need we consume from our food. Known for its powerful Anti-inflammatory benefits which calms the skin and can improve scar, pigmentation, and Blemished skin. Alongside the usual benefits of Linoleic acid content.

Omega 9: Gondoic Acid (11-Eicosenoic acid)

Concentration up to 10%

With a similar composition to Sebum our natural skin oil, this improves absorption of the entire product it is a part of. With its Sebum related composition improving your skin barrier while plumping and filling in your fine lines and wrinkles.


A rich anti-inflammatory agent that soothes redness and reduces swelling. It has also been shown to improve the production of Collagen synthesis, essentially improving fine lines and wrinkles while helping to prevent premature ageing.

Provitamin A:

Also known as Beta Carotene, used and converted by the body to produce vitamin A. A vitamin with a reputation for maintaining and revitalising your skin. Usually added to skin creams for its improved skin cell turnover in the upper skin layers, essentially rejuvenating your skin giving you a younger fresh look. Also containing the benefits of being an Antioxidant while evening skin tone and improving acne prone skin.

Vitamin C:

Also known as Ascorbic acid (or in this case the oil soluble Ascorbyl Palmitate), an essential vitamin for the body that we can’t produce so have to absorb from our food primarily fruit. It is a powerful Antioxidant so helps protect the skin from Free Radicals such as pollution, smoking etc. Its most popular benefit is the bodies need of vitamin C to produce Collagen within the body which makes up 80% of the skins tissue. Low levels of Collagen lead to increased levels of wrinkles with increased risk of bruising and reduced elasticity.

Vitamin K:

A fat-soluble vitamin primarily found in vegetables and dairy products. Known for being a potent Antioxidant and being an essential vitamin in skin cell and Collagen Synthesis. Necessary for the renewal of healthy skin replacing damaged skin layers. Its anti-coagulant properties make it a perfect choice for dark eyes due to it helping strengthen blood vessels getting to the root of the cause of dark circles under the eyes.